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Using Geo-Targeting to Increase Conversions

Geographical targeting is a helpful tool provided by search engines.  It allows you to focus your search engine marketing efforts to people who might be more inclined to purchase your products.  It helps you to qualify your leads, save you PPC click costs, and ultimately obtain more conversions.

949685_82749884-250x250Here are a few of the many advantages to using geo-targeting.

1. Promoting your brick and mortar locations.
Perhaps your store locations are in seven of the fifty states.  You might consider a geo-targeted campaign to those seven states to appeal more directly to users who are already more familiar with your company.  These users have probably driven past your store.  Now is the time to entice them to try your service or products.  This familiarity means that when your PPC ad appears, users will have an β€œAh-ha!” moment and be more willing to fill out your lead generation form or click the β€œbuy now” button.

2. Getting the most out of the seasons.
Perhaps you sell lawn furniture.  Normally, your window of opportunity is during spring and early summer.  Once the season for lawn furniture is over, your campaign has little effect.  Who needs patio furniture during a snowstorm?  However, with geo-targeting you can continue to market your warm weather furniture to people who live in warm weather states.  As you finish your national campaign, you can then start campaigns targeted to Florida and California, for example.  Lawn chairs are suddenly a year-round purchase opportunity.

3. Targeting specific demographics.
If you sell a product or service that is geared to senior citizens, geo-targeting gives you the ability to exclude regions and cities with a younger demographic.  Some products simply make more qualified sense in some regions than in others and with a little market research you can target the specific audience you desire.

4. Targeting specific countries or languages.
With geo-targeting you are no longer limited to just English or just the United States and Canada.  The whole world is open to you.  Depending on your industry, targeting certain countries or languages may mean more business.  Say you sell Spanish-language DVDs online.  Using geo-targeting, you can target your ads to show up in regions with a large population of Spanish speakers.

5. Lowering PPC costs.
National PPC campaigns can be very costly and provide a lot of unqualified click traffic.  Small businesses with smaller marketing budgets can use a geo-targeting strategy to alleviate both of these concerns.  While you will not, obviously, have the reach of a national campaign you are more likely to obtain customers with a longer purchase cycle β€” a customer for life!

A profitable PPC campaign is the result of smart strategies working harmoniously to give you enhanced exposure online and more quality leads.  Geo-targeting is a unique PPC tool that allows you to create a more targeted campaign for better results.

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