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What is the Simplest and Fastest Way to Scale My Agency?

What is the Simplest and Fastest Way to Scale My Agency?

The question to end all questions.

There are a hundred different ways to start an agency and then make it a powerhouse engine that you don’t have to spend 40+ hours a week on. 

With a good white-label partner you can do such a thing.  At Clickx, we like to take on such a massive challenge by simplifying what we know works. In that, we’ve created a 3-step process to get our agency partner off the ground.

Step 1: Simplify the Products

One of the main issues we face as agency owners are that we are opportunistic. Meaning we see an opportunity to serve, help, or make cash flow and we think we need to add it to our suite of solutions. That’s where agency owners falter and end up 10ft underwater with no float device to pull them out.  

At Clickx, we recommend our partner simply their products down to about 5 core services. These are the things your agency does best and the things you can build a reputation for. The lesson here is: don’t be all things to all people.

Step 2: Standardize Your Deliverables

Again, going back to one of the biggest challenges agencies face. They want to give their customers what they want but if you do that you’re going to end up trying to solve too many problems.

An easier way to do this is to standardize three different products. For example, perhaps you decide to create three different personas to help you narrow down your target audience. You know target audience one has an SEO problem so you create a package with blogs for organic content and Google ads for paid. Persona number two needs to get noticed on Facebook. So you create a Facebook ads package. This way when a client is deciding which of your services to pick they can narrow it down to three different packages instead of tens of products. 

Step 3: Systemize Your Process

The lead to sales to onboarding process is a journey in the least. With each potential customer, you have to figure out the solution, negotiation tactics, onboarding and collecting all of the necessary information and of course, deploying the solutions they purchased from you. Without a simplified system you’re going to be deploying the energy it takes to climb mt everest.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your clients is to explain to them how your process works from the get go. In fact, we recommend creating a flowchart on your website that explains to customers how they will go through your onboarding to success program. This ensures they get you the deliverables on time and have clear expectations. An important part of this is getting clear about communication. Make sure they know when and how often your agency will sync with them on their campaign.

Simply to Succeed

In all things, find a way to stick to your processes and simply your solutions. Digital marketing will continue to grow and get more complicated. Nail down your focus and specifically what your agency will succeed in. You’ll grow a repautions for that solution and with your simplified scale process do it without exhausting yourself. 

Check out more videos on our Youtube channel. Let us know what you’ve found useful and other tactics to close clients and finally kick your agency into high-gear!

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