How Varied Content Can Help You Stay on Top of Google’s Search Engine Rankings

If you haven’t heard, Google recently announced that it was making changes to its ranking algorithm. Essentially, the purpose of these changes is to prevent low-quality websites, those with poor value to readers or copied content, from ranking high on search engine results pages. By diminishing the rankings of low-quality websites, Google will reward websites with unique, relevant and high value content with better rankings.

So why the change? Google’s rankings have always been aimed at providing users with relevant search results. By decreasing the search rankings of low-quality websites, Google strengthens and promotes fresh, unique and relevant content, which is exactly what users want.

To improve your chances at better indexing by Google, use varied content in different forms such as podcasts, videos, e-books, blogs and instructional or informational reports. What this means to Google is that you are committed to providing useful information, in-depth reports or analysis of topics important to readers.

On the same token, avoid copying content for the sake of having new content or posts on your website. Most importantly, make sure that your content is relevant to your industry. Your content should make sense and have a natural place on your website. Unrelated, irrelevant content is just that.

Search engines and users are becoming more demanding of website owners. This is good for everyone, especially the general public. As Google makes changes to improve its services, it’s imperative for businesses to comply.



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