Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents: Uniting PPC and SEO

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Real estate agents across the U.S. are experiencing a boost in lead generation with the use of PPC and SEO. When used correctly, PPC and SEO can lead to increased exposure, more leads and higher closing rates. For real estate agents, this small investment in strategy can lead to a big payoff. A strategic online presence helps real estate agents fight against the constant ups and downs of the real estate market.

Why PPC and SEO Investment Is a Must for Real Estate Agents

An estimated 81 percent of consumers research online before making a major purchase – and yes, this includes making a real estate investment. Consumers want to know about the surrounding community, land value, the local economy and much more before making one of the biggest investments in their life. For real estate agents, this creates a massive opportunity to provide useful information for individuals looking to purchase property.

Pay-per-click Advertising Benefits

  • Greater exposure. If you have a niche audience you’re trying to target, it can be easy to make sure your content is exposed to the right people. The more targeted the content, the more likely the audience is to respond. PPC campaigns allow you to segment user profiles, ensuring the ad is displayed to the right people.
  • Lower costs. Compared to traditional real estate marketing techniques, PPC campaigns generally cost less to drive traffic to your website. Lower costs coupled with high ROI make PPC a desirable solution for most real estate agents.
  • Local targeting. PPC makes it easier than ever to target users in your geographic area. Do you need to get more specific than that? Narrow the focus to specific demographics within the cities and counties you serve. Local targeting is a cost-efficient solution that focuses on specificity for results.

As excellent as PPC is at driving results, it’s only one component of a successful SEO strategy. Ultimately, real estate professionals must focus on SEO for long-term success online. After all, it wouldn’t be efficient to consistently pay for PPC ads month after month compared to highly optimized and valuable web content.

Strategically making PPC and SEO work together to boost your real estate business can be challenging. At Clickx, we understand the techniques necessary to create a powerful campaign that offers both short and long-term results. Contact us today to learn about the solutions available for your real estate business.


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