The Three Keys to a Successful SEO Strategy

If you’re a website owner, you know that much of your success depends on how well it ranks on search engines.  Achieving top rankings is no easy task.  Increasing the ranking of your website is directly related to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Not seeing the results you want?  Perhaps it’s time to rethink your SEO strategy.

A robust SEO strategy depends on three key elements, all of which should be the foundation of a good website.  Does your current SEO strategy and website accurately address these components?

User-Focused Architecture

Your website is only as good as how well it allows users and search engines to access and consume content.  The way you configure your website, be it your navigation bar, images or other media, is key.  A good website must be user-focused and provide instinctive links to pages, useful tags and titles and an overall positive user experience.

Rich Content

Content is key when it comes to developing a successful SEO strategy.  Your website should be content-rich, maximizing your keywords and keyword phrases.  Each of your pages should target specific keywords and phrases and be the main focus of your content writing.  After all,  your rankings are directly related to how well your content matches searchers queries.  Targeted and relevant keyword-rich content that remains focused should be your top priority when analyzing the content of your site.

Link Building

Just like having more friends on Facebook makes you look better, having more links also makes you look better in the eyes of search engines.  Link building, or the art of strategically building connections with other websites, is essential to growing your rankings.  But, having more links is not enough.  Link popularity is just the start.  The quality of your back links is important.  Create mutually beneficial links for best results.

Your website is an essential part of your overall market presence and has the potential to be one of your best marketing tools.  Get the most of your website, and your online presence by building a website with a strong foundation based on user-friendly architecture, keyword-rich content and quality back links.

If your website is subpar in one of these elements, let a professional do what they do best.  ClickxPosure offers a full-array of SEO and PPC services to help clients achieve their search marketing goals.  Contact us today at 1.888.909.RANK for a free consultation where we’ll show you what your website needs to climb up the ranking ladder.



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