Using Local Connections to Maximize Link Building

Link building, or the art of growing the link profile of your website, is a substantial factor in determining your website’s overall popularity on search engines.  When it comes to ranking websites, search engines like Google pay close attention to how your website links to other websites and how powerful those connections are.

The more relevant and reputable links to your website, the better search engines rank your website.  Link building campaigns are complicated and even the best find it to be one of the most difficult parts of SEO.

Capitalizing on your local connections can be a great way to maximize and get started on your link building campaign.  Here are several ways you use your local connections to can get links to your website.

Get Listed in Local Directories

Most local organizations, such as chambers of commerce, offer a business listing on their website for all members.  If you’re a member, make sure you are correctly listed in the appropriate categories.

Get Press Releases & Stories to Link Back to You

If a local newspaper or publisher posts something related to your business, make sure your website is listed and that the story contains a hyperlink back to your website.

Become Part of Your Local Community

Many communities now have hyperlocal media outlets that welcome content and input from local businesses.  You may offer to produce a regular post for their website on tips or advice related to your industry.  As always, make sure your posts link back to your website.

Sponsor a Popular Local Event

Sponsoring a local event such as a 5k or drive allows businesses to be featured in programs and on the event website.  A small contribution may be a worthy way of getting recognition, appreciation and links for your business.

A successful link building strategy requires the consistent addition of new, relevant links to your website’s link profile.  Having reputable websites link to your website are an indication to search engines that your website is worthy to readers and the overall online community.  Maximize your online links by using your local connections to your advantage.

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