Is email marketing still relevant?

A lot of businesses may think that email marketing is dead, but the truth is that it will continue to be relevant for a long time to come. It’s also now one of the cheapest marketing mediums available to utilize and a great way to reach many prospects and existing customers.

Reasons to Use Email Marketing

There are many benefits of using email marketing for your business, including:

  • Lower costs – email marketing is extraordinarily inexpensive, costing less than $0.03 using premium email programs such as Mailchimp. The open rate is up to 28% for many industries, which means you can spend less than $0.10 per target.
  • Better retention – keep in touch with existing customers with updates and offers that convince them to come back.
  • More creativity – emails enable you to develop unique messages that accurately represent your brand, with the ability to add images, text, and interactive media in your messages.
  • Farther reach – using email, you can reach millions of people, with access to over 2 billion total email users—more than Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest combined.
  • More personalization – you can create and send more direct and personal email messages based on certain consumer data.
  • Plenty of tools – because of its age, email has many content development and tracking tools available.
  • Simple and user-friendly – Unlike other mediums that have developed and continue to change, email is consistently easy to use with intuitive interfaces making it ideal for traditional marketers.

With these benefits in mind, you can take full advantage of email marketing to propel your online marketing campaign.


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