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How do I optimize my Google Plus page for SEO?

If you want to increase your search rankings, you can do so using your Google+ profile. There are a few ways to optimize your Google+ page and profile to improve your business's SEO and supplement your website's ranking efforts.

Optimizing Your Profile

Taking the time to optimize your Google+ profile can help you improve your overall SEO. Some aspects you'll want to optimize include:


The SEO title of your page will be the name of the Google+ page, including your company name. Don't attempt to stuff the title with keywords, which won't help your SEO.

Custom Page URL

Using Google+'s custom URL feature, you can optimize your page's domain name with your company name, which will look like:

Meta Description

The description is what people will see when they perform a Google search, and it's formed by combining your Google+'s tagline and first two sentences of your introduction. Descriptions only include around 156 characters, so it's important to make sure your tagline and beginning of your intro don't exceed those if you want them to show up.

Google+ Authorship

This is another important ranking factor. Authorship works by tagging each piece of content you create and letting Google know that it's yours. Without authorship, you could see your SEO efforts suffer. Google has a detailed guide for authorship, if you're not sure how to establish it.

Post High-Quality Content

Another way to improve your SEO through Google+ is to post high-quality content on a regular basis. This can include a summary of the content you're linking to in the link attachment area so it registers with Google. Then share the content in your circles and watch it spread.

Using these basic strategies, you can take advantage of your Google+ page to significantly help your SEO campaigns.