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3 Great Free Marketing Tools to Grow Website Conversions

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At Clickx, we offer free conversion optimization tools geared for marketers to get more lead conversions without spending a dime. You’ll be able to use these tools to potentially improve your marketing efforts, without the frustrating setup you might find with other tools that require you to pay for them. With these free tools as part of your ensemble of marketing tools, you can benefit from a fully powered campaign.

Use these three free tools to give yourself an advantage over competitors, and make conversions easier than ever.

Welcome Bar

Business owners need an easy way to push any offer at any time and get their audience to perform the desired action more quickly. In many cases, visitors to your website will simply read through content and move on, possibly without even seeing an offer in the middle of the page or at the bottom, but an attractive welcome bar can provide them with an instant offer that inspires them to take immediate action.
Clickx Welcome Bar
Using our welcome bar tool, you can customize the offer at any time to match it to your website, without any coding required. You can also use it to build your subscriber list for free. Place it on your website as either a button to go to another page or a form to collect email addresses and other basic contact information. You can fully customize it to provide an offer for everything from an ebook to a free trial.
Welcome Bar on Clueless Website | Clickx.io

Lead Form

One of the biggest issues that businesses face is the problem of no one visiting their contact page. Many visitors are likely to stay on the landing page they came across, or navigate the rest of the website before ever considering visiting the contact page. Now you can make your homepage the contact page, effectively merging the two into one. Your business will benefit from a reliable shortcut that helps you greatly expand your list of leads.
Clickx Lead Form Customization

Make it easy for visitors to contact you and quickly grow your email list using our free lead form right on your homepage in a convenient location. You can request all necessary information to help you get in touch with the people who reach out to you. At the same time, your lead form can use colors and layouts that are appealing and accurately represent your brand.

Lead Form Animation | Clickx.io

Lead Magnets

It’s important to get as many conversions as you can from your blog. While creating a blog is great, and so is getting free traffic and social media, you’ll find all of these useless if you fail to convert. You may also waste time on leads who aren’t of the type of quality you want, selling services to individuals who actually don’t need or want them. You need a way to more efficiently and accurately accumulate relevant leads who are the most likely to give you business.
Clickx Lead Magnet
Convert more visitors with content upgrades such as guides, checklists, and more. With lead magnets, you can inform potential customers or make it easier to determine what they need from you, with a checklist that helps them identify what they’re missing. These can be a great way to attract high-quality leads through an engaging manner, which is more effective than older methods.

Universal Integration with Email

We can integrate with all major email service providers so you can pass contacts on to further nurture them along the buyer’s journey.

Clickx Contacts Email Integration

Why Give Away Free Tools?

Because Clickx’s #1 passion is to help businesses grow, we want marketers to have all of the tools they can use to expand their business and help ensure success. Making tools like these free simply makes it easier for those marketers for smaller companies working with a tighter budget.

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