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3 Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Email allows businesses to send messages to customers in almost an instant, and it is a great marketing tool. As with all tools, businesses seek to use this marketing method in the most effective way. What is the best way to reach your customers through your email marketing campaign? How can you optimize this campaign to make it as effective as possible? Individuals today receive hundreds of emails each day. How can you be sure your email will not end up being deleted without being opened and read? We will discuss three tips to accomplish that in the paragraphs below.

1. Focus on the Subject Line

The subject line if a vital part of the email content. Besides the sender of the email, this is the portion of the email that the recipient sees first. It provides the reader with a reason to open the email, and without that, your email is very likely to be skipped and deleted. If the subject is attention grabbing, the reader is more likely to open the email. The longer the subject line, the less likely the reader is to take interest, so make sure the subject is 50 characters or less.

Once you have the subject line just right, line up the body of the email so that it is in agreement with the subject. Don’t wait until the bottom portion of your email to make this connection back to the subject; it should be made very quickly near the beginning. The subject is the reason that the reader opened the email; the body confirms this reason and it helps to set up your call to action.

2. Create a Specific Call to Action

A call to action is vital to the email. In today’s world of skimming for important information, emails will quickly be dismissed without a clear and concise message to the reader. The recipient must be able to find the call to action and have a clear message telling him or her the actions that is supposed to be taken. This is best accomplished by a button-like graphic rather than plain text. Graphics catch the eye of your readers and they are more likely to read the message on the button. A call to action can be as simply as “Click Here”.

3. Include Appealing Graphics

Graphics make an email more appealing to viewers. They not only add color; they help to organize information and present it to the reader. Readers are less likely to take the time to read plan text emails; however, they will look at emails containing graphics and read the information contained on those visuals. Don’t go overboard on the graphics; make them appealing without making your emails look like a circus show. Bullet points and plenty of white space are just as important to emails as the graphics and visuals.


Individuals are busier than ever today and have limited time to view and read email. This does not mean that businesses must give up on email marketing. By incorporating the strategies above, you can optimize your email marketing campaign to reach your readers.