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3 Ways to Use Google + for Business


There is an unwritten rule in social media that states you should use it as much as possible. Many experts will advise you to turn your focus to social networking platforms that will provide the best mileage. To find out which social platforms do that for your business, will take time and a lot of careful monitoring.

Make the time to read through all your social media activities and determine which ones work the best for you, and then put all your efforts and time into utilizing them on a permanent basis. The following strategies and approaches work well for Google +:

1. Make your Google + Page Interactive

The aim of Google + is to allow businesses and their brands to create effortless relationships with prospects and customers. This is the main reason that they created the option for all businesses to interact with Google +. It is a good idea to create your own Google + business page, as soon as possible, and place a button on the front page of your website as well. Next, you need to learn how to fully utilize Google + for your business.

It is important that you ensure your Google + page is not only interesting, but interactive as well. You should upload various product pictures and pictures relevant to the services that you offer. Use the page to post pictures about important events as well.

2. Make Use of ‘Hangouts’

“Hangouts” is a Google + application that is ideal for group chats, and it allows a maximum of 10 users from 10 different locations to actively use the audio and video chat feature simultaneously. This is a huge advantage to those who are always on the move. The service is currently only available to Android 2.3 phones (and above) that have dual cameras. No need to be in your office when you access this feature; you can finalize your deals from anywhere.

3. Use Circles and Streams

The “Circles” feature allows either public or private communications. You can create different circles for your clients, friends and family, as well as prospects. It is great if you want to create different circles for various groups of clients that all make a specific contribution at your bottom-line level, for example.

With the “Streams” feature, you are able to post the latest updates concerning all your services and products which offer benefits to your business. For additional publicity, you can forward these streams to your friends, family and business partners. Your posts will be open to the public. They can access these posts at any time and if they like them, they can forward the posts to their friends and family, which will further expand your brand.

It has never been easier to grow a business than today; and if you make proper use of social media channels, such as Google + and others, your business will grow at a substantial rate. Follow the above tips while using Google + for your business, and you will surely experience success through this fast-growing social media platform.