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5 Ways to Use YouTube For Business


Youtube has allowed a large number of amateur entertainers to gain large followings without spending much. The methods used can be adapted into a beneficial avenue to explore for your business, much like the current trend of adapting social media into commercial marketing. There are a multitude of ways in which it can be used, such as demonstrations and advertising.

1. Company Announcements and Press Releases

A press release is a common business tool and ultimately necessary, and including a video version can be more effective than just a textual document alone. This can be as simple as having a company executive read the press release that is going to be written anyway. Given the likely scenario of already possessing a decent video camera, you can add content to your company’s channel this way with almost no additional cost.

2. Product Demonstrations

The ability to provide longer videos means you can extend your demonstrations in a setting far more likely to receive actual viewers than the infomercials that run late at night. There is usually a limit on the length of Youtube videos, but even this limitation can be circumvented by creating playlists and uploading a video in sections if there is a need to do so.

3. Advertisements and Mentions

If you have browsed through Youtube at all, then you are aware that normal advertisements play frequently before your actual video and that the amateur show hosts often mention or “plug” one another in order to generate more views. The traditional advertisement may be a more expensive option, but getting other channels to mention your company’s channel can be accomplished through inventive and inexpensive methods.

4. Youtube Partnership

Youtube readily offers businesses the opportunity to become partners, allowing the companies to make a profit off their Youtube channel’s activity. When people visit your channel, any advertisements they click while on your channel generate revenue. There are some guidelines for the content you can post if you do sign on for the partnership program.

5. Presentation Recordings

Your staff goes to great lengths to make presentations and run seminars for various reasons. Some of these are undoubtedly meant to stay within the company, but other presentations can be recorded and uploaded to Youtube. This is a great way to preserve the sessions for future reference, to serve as a demonstration of the quality of your company, and to add channel content, and all of it for the simple act of recording and uploading a video.


The other ways to take advantage of Youtube for your business are numerous, and the current lists are more than likely not an exhaustive one. Interconnecting your advertisement methods such as social media, integrating Youtube videos into your company website, and leaving product advertisements within playlists of entertaining content are just a sample of other uses in addition to the five above. With ingenuity and a willingness to embrace Youtube as part of your company’s business plan, you may soon see an impact on company numbers.