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6 Ways to Use Images to Improve Your Web Conversion Rate

The purpose of a business site or landing page is to convert browsers into buyers. Every element of the page must be selected carefully in order to maximize the page’s conversion rate. This includes images. Viewers will find images that seem cheap, amateur, from stock, or inappropriate to be a distraction, indicate a lack of professionalism on the part of the business, or even confuse visitors about the nature of the business. This can lead to lower conversion rates. When used correctly, though, the right images personalize your business, engage visitors’ attention, and create a positive impression of your company. If you want to use images to increase your company’s conversion rates, then study the principles outlined below. iStock_000023826945Medium-1

Originality is a Must

This means no stock photos of handsome business executives in a conference room, no pictures of men in hard hats standing around construction equipment, no smiling young women in suits with briefcases, no stock images of any sort. While stock images are an inexpensive way of adding pictures to your marketing materials, they look cheap, irrelevant, and unprofessional. Do not use any pictures that you took yourself if they give the impression of being stock photos. Instead, all of your images must be original, relevant, and something that your visitors haven’t seen a thousand times before.

 Appeal to the Emotions

Most people make decisions emotionally. The part of the brain that is most driven by emotion is also particularly responsive to images. Figure out what emotions will help move your visitors to push the buy button, and find high-quality images that evoke these emotions.

Use Symbols

Even if your company does not yet have extensive brand recognition, you can still get a lot of mileage out of using the right symbols on your site. Display the logos of any well-known companies that your organization has done business with. Use well-recognized media logos if they have covered your business. If you perform online transactions, include well-known icons or symbols that guarantee that the transactions are handled securely.

Bring the Visitors to You

Include photos of your business, to take your visitors inside and really let them get a feeling for what it is like to be there in person. Showcase people enjoying whatever goods or services your company offers. Even if your business exists wholly online, include some “behind the scenes” pictures. These pictures help show customers that your company is an established business, not something being run out of somebody’s basement.

 Give Your Testimonials Some Reality

All online business sites should include customer testimonials, as these testimonials have a huge impact on conversion rates. Make them even more effective by including pictures of the happy customers giving their testimonials. For an even greater impact, include video testimonials. These pictures and videos build trust and confidence.

Create a Mascot

Customers respond best to brands with mascots they recognize. Not only will this help build brand loyalty, but it will also help your company stand out from the pack.

Any one of these image strategies will help to boost your conversion rate, which means more sales. Implement whichever of them that you can on your own, and contract out to professionals to help you with those that you can’t manage on your own.