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Demystifying Your Quality Score

wizardIf you’re running a PPC ad campaign, chances are that you’ve looked at your Quality Score very recently.  Since your Quality Score directly affects your ad rank and cost per click (CPC), it’s a rather important number, but do you really know what makes up your quality score?

Here’s what Google considers when it comes up with your Quality Score:

Keyword and Ad Relevancy

There’s nothing more important than having relevant ads.  Google strives to provide online searchers with ads that are relevant to their query.  The more relevant your ad copy and overall ad are, the better chances are that your ad will score a high Quality Score.

Relevancy of Keyword In Ad Group

When creating ads and Ad Groups, make sure that the keywords within each Ad Group are related and relevant.  If your Ad Group contains too many keywords, or unrelated keywords, it’s best to create new groups.

 Quality of Your Landing Page

In addition to producing ads that match queries, it’s important that your ads lead potential prospects to a high-quality and relevant landing page.  Many business owners make the mistake of not using landing pages or using generic landing pages that may or may not have anything to do with the particular ad offer.  This only hurts your overall Quality Score.

Account History

When assigning a Quality Score, Google takes into consideration your account’s history.  This includes Click Through Rate (CTR) of past ads and the overall performance of your account within your given geographic region.

Historical Click Through Rate (CTR)

To ensure that users see the most relevant ads, Google also analyzes historical CTR of the keyword and the matched ad on Google.
While your Quality Score does is not the single factor affecting the placement of your ad, it’s a very important factor.  Moreover, having a high Quality Score may mean higher placement for your ads and more savings.

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