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An Essential Social Media Tool Every Business Needs

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Social Media Tool Every Business Needs |

Today’s Marketing Hack of the Day: How to increase social shares on your business blog.

[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey everybody! My name is Solomon Timothy, here with Clickx and today’s marketing hack is really helping you improve the amount of people that share your content on social media.

Utilizing Your Social Media Traffic Generation

One of the best traffic sources that I’ve ever seen for all the projects I work on, for our social media traffic is, based off traffic you generate from Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest. I’ve seen tens of thousands of visits just coming from Pinterest, so if you can figure out how people can share your content that you’ve already worked really hard on for your website, it’s all the more better for you as a marketer. Essentially, it is going to reduce the cost per visit, it is also going to reduce the cost per lead, or the mailing list that you’re trying to generate, and it’s going to reduce the cost per customers that you’re really generating on your website.

So how do you do this?

Well, WordPress has a free plug-in that you can install called “Click-to-Tweet” and we use that here at Clickx and it looks something like this…

The Ultimate Tool To Improving Blog Post Engagement

So if you have a certain sentence inside of your blog post that you really worked hard on, you can turn that sentence into a “click-to-tweet” button. We like to make sure that we implement it in all the blog post we create, so we can improve the amount of engagement that we get on those blogs. On social media, if people actually share it, it amplifies your messaging, and you get so much more free traffic.

One thing to make sure, is that you make it very easy for people to do this right, it has to be extremely easy to do. It shouldn’t take a long time to load and it has to be effortless, they should be able to just tap and everything is automatically filled in for them. All they have to do is hit share.

The User-Friendly Social Sharing Plugin

Another thing to do is get one of those free social sharing plug-ins that are mobile-friendly so that there are already buttons on the bottom of your webpage on a mobile device that are easy to use. All you have to do is tap it and immediately people are able to share your content. If you can get people to share more content, like I said, you are going to drastically improve your ROI of all the content that you’re already putting out in your marketing.

As always, if you have any questions leave it in the comment box.

Thanks again for watching another edition of marketing hack of the day!