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How Do You Compare to Other White-Label Service Providers?

An agency owner can easily find themselves buried; trying to determine which white-label provider is the best fit for their business. They need a partner with up-to-date technology, plenty of resources, and proof they can help your business flourish. 

Another important question to ask: does the white-label provider’s price point make sense for my agency’s growth stage? Does it align with where I want to go?

We’re glad you’re asking. As you may know, the success of any great agency is going to rely on the initial strategy created. This is the foundation of your business. So how does Clickx stack-up?

For starters, we approach the white-label digital marketing space with a different point-of-view. Rather than trying to be a sales and marketing machine, churning out hundreds of partners on a monthly basis, we take a curated approach to understand each of our partners’ unique circumstances. Instead of a simple B2B solution, we are on-going consultants for your agency. 

Moreover, we think of ourselves as an extension to your team. 

Our Job is Our Partners Success

Whether a client is lacking in the product, a sufficient team, or the right technology, we focus on each unique need to build a system that will scale.

Each client differs in their strengths and weaknesses, skillset, and knowledge. When you sign with Clickx, we help you address your agency’s unique position and then get to work on the steps that will help you reach your goals.

What does that look like exactly?

  • Who are you and where do you want to go?

So many agency owners lack clarity. Digital marketing can look like an endless pit – even when you’ve been on the inside for years. Technology is constantly evolving. Along with this, it’s easy to get bogged down by expert advice telling you what you want to hear.

  • 1-1 and Group Coaching.

We meet weekly with a team of like-minded professionals to collaborate on topics including: lead generation, closing strategies, and capitalizing on agency solutions.

  • On-Going Strategy.

Digital marketing is not a one and done job. We take each task, monitor and measure it, and then sync with you to increase ROI.

  • Lead Generation.

We use a detailed lead form to create unique strategies for clients. Partners who turn to Clickx are doing so because they want to build a credible, and professional reputation for their business. 

  • Training Your Team.

As you continue to grow, you’ll likely hire new team members who will need to undergo the same onboarding processes. Whether you’ve hired a new sales rep or a virtual assistant, we meet with each individual to make sure they’re equipped properly. 

Continually Optimize

A business transaction should never be a one and done situation. It’s what makes Clickx different and helps to ensure our partners are set-up for success. Getting your agency off the ground, or to the next level, is a process that will require a time commitment from both ends.

More Ways to Win:

Refine Process & Steps. We continually re-evaluate each stage of the clients buying process to ensure that their experience is optimized. 

More Templates & Resources. We constantly update the platform with new case studies, funnel outlines, and every other resource you need to set yourself apart. We understand higher-ticket clients will require new material and know-how. We upgrade our assets, you upgrade your clientele. 

Efforts. As mentioned previously, growing an agency is an ongoing process. Monitoring and refining is a part of the process to optimize each distinct marketing objective. Along this journey, we help you determine how to get the most out of the services you offer and help you go all in on your niche. 

Health Checks. Are we hitting the goals we helped you establish when you first started? Is it people, process, or product, that’s moving your forward or holding you back? How can we improve each to keep you moving forward?

Partnerships Make Us Different

Clickx recognizes the old digital marketing model of white-label isn’t quite working. We saw other providers telling agency owners to ‘order their product or service on a portal’ right before vanishing into existence. Left with no help or guidance. 

While some agency owners may not need the extra advantages of what we call ‘hand-holding,’ we want to give our partners access to us at all times regardless. 

We use a detailed approach by providing strategy on a per-lead basis. With every resource available at your disposal, clients will be assured your agency is the one for them. 

One-to-one committed relationships. That’s what makes Clickx work. 

Looking for other actionable insights on growing your digital marketing agency? 

Check out this video on our Youtube channel. Let us know what you’ve found useful and other tactics to close clients and finally kick your agency into high-gear!

Ready to See How Clickx Can Help Your Agency?

Reach out to our team where we’ll get on a discovery call to assess your agency’s needs and see if we can be the partner that can help you reach your goals. 

Looking for a community to engage, learn, and grow with? Our weekly advisory board brings new agency owners, as well as those with 15+ years of experience together to tackle everything from winning higher-ticket clients, optimizing your time, and delivering tremendous value for clients. You’ll get real-time audits, valuable insight to bring to your next client meeting, and an inside look at the best tactics, tools, and places for obtaining new clients and growing your agency!