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How Often Do You Need to Update Site Content?

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With SEO marketing, you may have been told that it’s important to update your website’s content frequently in order to avoid stagnating traffic. But, how often is best for keeping your site optimized?


Generally speaking, the more often you can push new live content, the better. This doesn’t mean that you need to have expensive, ongoing projects in the works. That could simply mean setting up a queue with new content and stagger the updates. Pushing new content sends a notice to search engines that there’s something they haven’t yet seen and that their site crawlers should come check it out again. Keeping fresh content means that search engines will crawl the site more frequently, and in turn, keep updating your sites index in their database. In other words, the more frequently you can update your site’s content, the more likely it is that your website will flourish.


As for content, it’s important to keep content unique. That means that even if you push new content to various pages on your website every day, each page should have different content. For example, it’s not going to help if you publish one new paragraph to ten different pages–in fact, that is detrimental to the way search engines crawl through your site. Duplicate content is not only ineffective in terms of marketing, but it’s boring. Spend a little more time making sure the content going live is unique to its page, and update it often. Content can be similar, but word-for-word copies aren’t beneficial for marketing strategies.


Of course, not all of the content you post has to be the same format. It’s generally better, interest-wise, if it’s not all the same. That means you can post slideshows, text copy, articles, even videos, all to keep your website looking updated, new, and interesting. Making sure that your visitors have more reason to stay on the site is never a bad thing, and an easy way to do this is by choosing different formats of content to post to your site.