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3 Marketing Secrets to Achieving Unstoppable Business Growth

Achieving sustainable growth is a challenge just about every business owner faces. While certain temporary marketing tactics can bring new leads and customers to your business, much of that attention quickly dies down after the campaign ends. In order to create sustainable growth, you need to find a way to stay relevant in your audience’s mind.

Digital marketing can be one of the best tools for growing your business over time. Through understanding your audience’s needs, connecting with them on social media, and creating a plan that makes room for unexpected changes or events, you can continuously attract new audience members to your business and achieve unstoppable growth.

Let’s take a look at three ways you can use digital marketing to grow your business!

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Key Takeaways:

  1. In order to create unstoppable growth, you need to provide the content your audience needs.
  2. Understanding how your audience searches the web or engages on social media platforms can help you make long-lasting connections and develop strong customer relationships.
  3. Create a marketing plan, but remember that it isn’t set in stone. Make changes if necessary.

1. Know Your Audience’s Needs

Example of marketing trending topics on BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo is a useful tool for finding out what topics are popular right now.

If you want to create sustainable growth through digital marketing, you need to understand your audience’s needs and how they may change over time. While you might get lucky with a few viral posts, trying to create content without knowing what your target audience is looking for means you’re more likely to experience highs and lows than consistent growth.

When you create content targeted directly at your audience’s needs or desires, you’re able to establish stronger relationships and become a reliable resource. If they know they can count on your website or blog to provide the right information at the right time, they’ll keep coming back for more. This can improve your chances of making a sale and creating long-term customers.

To understand what your audience wants, you’ll need to do some proper research. To begin, create a buyer persona that helps you identify the individuals you’d like to target. You can then learn more about them and what they’re looking for by sending out surveys and doing other market research. Finally, you can monitor trending topics using tools like BuzzSumo, to find out what your audience is interested in.

2. Connect on Multiple Digital Channels

Your target audience members use the internet in many different ways. From search engines to email, each of their favorite digital channels serves a unique purpose. To connect with this audience, you need to market appropriately on as many of these channels as possible.

The most important platforms for your business will depend somewhat on the industry you work in. However, search engines, social media, and email are channels that just about every company—no matter the size or niche—should take advantage of. When you’re able to attract the attention of your target audience through multiple channels, like this example of HubSpot on Twitter, you’re able to improve visibility and establish trust, creating loyal customers:

Twitter post from Hubspot about Top 10 Ads.

As you’re deciding how to market in these various places, you first want to consider how your audience uses each platform. When you understand exactly how your target audience searches the web or what information they’re looking for on social media, you can provide them with the content they need.

For example, you can use your company’s social media profiles to start conversations with audience members, and use your email newsletter to send alerts of upcoming promotions or deals. Each channel will benefit from being approached in a different way.

3. Create an Agile Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan in advance can help save you time and ensure you’re creating quality content. However, sticking too strictly to your plan can hurt your success. Since the most successful marketing plans take into account current events, what’s happening in the news, and other new information relevant to your target audience, you need to be able to adjust your strategy as necessary. Posting relevant, timely, and up-to-date content is important in becoming a go-to resource for your customers and growing your business.

When your marketing plan is too stiff, you may find you’re missing perfect opportunities to create shareable and relevant content. It can also mean you’re posting content too late. Not only does this hurt your chances of attracting new website visitors, it means you’re not being as helpful to your target audience as you possibly can.

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On the other hand, having an agile marketing plan means you can create and post content as soon as it becomes relevant to your target audience, even if that means moving some content around.

Black and white dog doing an agility drill through red and white poles.

Think of an agile marketing strategy as penciling in your plans. You have content prepared and ready to go, but it isn’t set in stone in case something better comes up. To create a marketing plan that can be easily changed, create some evergreen content to act as ‘stand-ins.’ These posts can help you fill in empty slots, but can easily be moved to a later date if necessary.

Bonus Tip: Consider the Context of Your Content

You probably already know that creating high-quality content for your marketing plan is important. However, it doesn’t matter how awesome your content is if it isn’t created with the right context in mind. Without appropriate context, your content will mean little to your target audience. Therefore, it won’t help you create sustainable growth for your business.

Knowing the context of your content means that you understand the mindset your readers will be in when they view that content. Even if what you share is high-quality and interesting, you won’t be able to connect with target audience members if you’re posting it within the wrong context.

In order to create the right context for your content, you need to consider the platform you’re posting it on and what users typically do there. You’ll also want to consider what users expect to see when on that platform. Adjusting your content to fit their needs and expectations can ensure they’re receiving your message in the most effective way.


Ideally, you want your business growth to follow the snowball model. The more momentum you can create, the bigger your growth will become. In order to create unstoppable long-term growth for your company, you need to continuously build on your successes. The right digital marketing strategy can help you do just that.

Let’s recap the four things you need to do when creating your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Research and understand the needs and desires of your target audience.
  2. Use a variety of digital marketing channels to connect with your audience members in new ways.
  3. Create an agile marketing plan that accounts for changes or new events.
  4. Consider the context of the content you’re posting.

Which of these digital marketing secrets do you think will bring your business the most growth? Let me know in the comments section below!