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My AdWords Account was Suspended. Now What?

So you’ve received the dreaded suspension email from Google.  Your “Account has been suspended.”  Of course the first reaction is to panic. However, suspensions are not uncommon and are just part of Google’s overall review process for all advertising campaigns.  To ensure safety apositive experience for everyone using Google, the search engine giant reviews all advertising campaigns – large and small.

Understanding why your campaign has been suspended is key in getting your account reinstated.  The email you receive from Google will typically address the issue it found with your campaign, however, at times you may only receive a vague reason such as “your account has violated one of our advertising policies.”

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After receiving the notice, it’s important to take action.  If you work with an AdWords pay-per-click management company, they will take care of making any adjustments necessary to get the your advertising campaign up and running once again.

Here are common reasons why your account may be suspended:

You Have Violated an Advertising Policy

Google’s advertising policy is extensive.  Learning it inside and out is no easy feat. Even then, it is ever changing.  If the suspension notice includes the policy itself, you can read about it in the AdWords Policy Center and find out what type of violation you committed and try to make the necessary modifications to your campaign.  Some violations are easily fixed.  For example, your account may be suspended for using trademark words and ad copy. Similarly, issues with your URL may cause your account to be suspended.  Violating transparency policies such as having a different display URL then the destination URL can also get you suspended.


Make sure you read the relevant advertising policy thoroughly and make the changes requested.  You can also call Google directly and ask for clarification on what you need to do to rectify the issue.

Your Site Violates Google’s Advertising Policies

In addition to policies directly related to your ads, Google may also suspend your account if your site violates general site policies.  Your campaign may be suspended if your website is found to be a potential risk for visitors. Websites that can be deemed as scams or potentially get rich quick schemes are a great example of a site violation.  A website that is found to have malware will surely be suspended as well.  Ensuring the content and purpose of your website or landing page is clear and transparent is essential to being approved.


A site violation suspension may require an overhaul of your website or strategy all together.  If you’re working with a paid advertising management company, experts can guide in making the necessary updates to meet Google’s advertising policies.

While getting the suspension notice is unsettling, making the changes requested is critical to maintaining your advertising campaign.  Take action immediately and seek help from experts when a suspension arises if you are unclear on what has caused the suspension.  Failure to make the necessary changes can ultimately get you banned from advertising for good.