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Why Does Social Media Content Curation Matter

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey Guys! I’m Solomon with Clickx. On today’s Marketing Hack of the Day, I’m going to teach you how exactly you can go about posting your content on social media! You have the right amount of frequency and educational & entertainment content without getting too sales-y and without turning anybody offs. Alright, let’s get started!

Nobody Likes Being Sold To On Social Media

We all need to use social media platforms today to be successful, but at the same time people hate to be sold. Nobody wants to be sold, nobody wants to go follow a person who just keep saying, buy my stuff, click here, you know 20% off; it just sounds too sales-y and sleazy and that’s not what we’re about and you’re like me, you want to use social media as a means to generate more traffic. You know the traffic you can lead to conversion, but exactly what ratio of content should you use for sales versus just promoting your brand and being a curator. Alright!

So, the social media forum one kind of goes like this, so you have for educational pieces. You got educational content, or entertaining content something that really is thought-provoking, but it’s somebody else’s content! You’re curating the best-in-class content, but there are four of them just giving you like a way to think about it and then the other one is a single, maybe it’s a retweet. It’s a retweet or it’s a soft sales pitch. So, it’s a soft sales pitch, you’re not really selling anything hard and then the one more would be a hard sales pitch. This is the one that you say, hey! Buy my stuff! You have a hard sales pitch, because you are trying to generate traffic and leads to your website and you know Twitter works for you or Facebook for that matter and you’re going to use that as a means to generate that bottom of funnel traffic.

Find A Medium Of Promoting Curated Content vs. Salesy Content

At least you know it’s going to convert, but you need to tweet, you need to promote and the benefit of this is that if you can actually do this, it doesn’t matter you are a rookie in social media or you are a small business owner trying to figure out how do I go about social media and how do I make sure that I do it right or you’re a pro, you’ve been doing this for a long time everybody can get into the habit of having so much curated content or too much sales-y content. I see this is like, oh yeah! This is the extreme like this guy finds other people’s stuff and all he does is tweet, retweet all day or there are people that are just thinking that social media is just like the good old days of alba marketing, all you need to do is open it up and just tell people, just put your stuff there! Every 15 minutes, there’s a tweet coming out that says, buy my stuff. Which again turns me off and I don’t like it and I know other people won’t like it and nobody wants to follow a guy that just wants to sell you his stuff all day, they are not care about other people! So, you got to get to that habit of having a very happy medium and this builds some sort of consistent cadence with your audience. So, they know that it’s coming and they know that you have really awesome content. So they want to kind of wait for you to put out your next piece content. Alright! And you can also map so many things in advance, maybe you’re using some sort of social media publishing tool and if you don’t know one, Clickx built it into the platform, so you can put it on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere.

Schedule & Map Out Your Content Articles In Advance

So, you’re trying to use a social media platform to actually schedule content in advance! It lets you do that and it also gives you the right amount of percentage. So, you know what percentage of content I need to put out that it sales-y, we put that in advance. Map that content that it’s in advance and you don’t have to worry about whether you’re too sales-y or not and your account is going to you know, not generate the kind of traffic that you’re trying to generate!

You have a pretty good medium of good content as well as sales-y content. So, my plea to you is that you should be the best curator that you can be! Social media is about curating content and finding things for your audience that no one else can find.

Social Media Is A Unique Medium To Engage With People

If you think that social media is all about sales, sale, sales! I’m sorry my friend, you’re going to have to build relationships, you’re going to have to nurture your audience, and make sure that you’re here for the long run.

Social media is a different medium of engaging with people than we used to do in face-to-face and handshaking, it just happens to be that social media is the most efficient way to do it. That’s where we are today! That’s the age in which we are living.

I hope you got some insights on how you can use social media more effectively!

Thank you for watching another edition of Marketing Hack of the Day.