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The Surprising Ingredients To A Content Upgrade

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[This is a transcription from the Clickx Marketing Hack of the Day video series.]

Hey, I’m Solomon with Clickx.

For today’s marketing hack I want to talk you about content upgrade. What is a content upgrade? Content upgrade is simply a bonus piece of content that you want to give to people in exchange for their email address. That is all it is!

Why Do Content Upgrades Depend On Relevancy?

I’m going to give you some practical steps on how you can do that today. Now, bloggers traditionally have one big call to action at the bottom of the blog post which you have seen for years and years. It is not a new tactic, but the problem is that the content piece that they usually have which is, you know, typically it’s maybe a call to action; it’s not really relevant to the blog post that they are writing. Right! So you go ahead and read this awesome blog post that you found, it was very helpful for you, like the headline and you are here to learn more, but the offer that they have is not really relevant. Now that is what Content Upgrade is really going to help you to do.

So instead of putting something that is not too tied to the content, you want to be creating something which is extremely relevant to the blog post that you are writing. So it is almost one-to-one; for every blog that you have, you have a Content Upgrade. What that is going to allow you to do is, increase the number of conversions that you are getting from your blog post.

Alright? What do you do with those conversions, while you build your email list; automatically the emails are going to those people with whatever those upgrade is!

What Does A Content Upgrade Even Look Like?

So what does that look like? The moment the user clicks on the Content Upgrade which I would recommend, you would put somewhere right below a big image or somewhere above not all the way at the bottom, you want them to see it sooner than later. The moment that you click on it, they are going to see a little pop-up that says, Hey! Enter your information, get instant access, get access to such-and-such, and what that allows them to do is, OK! I’m going to punch in my email address and I’m going to get this instantly. And that is what you want people to do. Alright! You want them to convert as quickly as possible, as easily as possible without taking a lot of effort or anything or their time, and they are going to get something of extreme value in return!

What Are Valuable Content Upgrade Techniques To Use?

Here are some ways that you can think about, because if you really do not have any idea on, how you can create Content Upgrades? I will tell you, maybe turning in your blog post, into a PDF; is a quick one that you can do. Maybe they really like your blog post, but they just want to have it handy, just in case they lose a link to it. That is one way of doing it. Maybe you can turn your content into a PDF checklist.

Maybe you have 10 tips that you talk about in your blog post, but the 11th one or the 12th one, but you are going to give it to them as part of a Content Upgrade. So there are so many ways that you can do it. You could even have a video that you have to give the email address in order to actually watch it. So my goal is that, you would really work these as a one-to-one basis, as close as possible. Maybe you have one Content Upgrade that would work for five blog posts. Because the topic is similar, but not one that works for 50. Alright! Then you are losing the traction that you would be otherwise gaining by having a one-to-one Content Upgrade. So think about that again. You can use any tool to send these emails to the people. So you do not necessarily have to pick one particular tool.

You just basically create your content. And like I said, I would put eighty percentage of your effort into creating the content and the Content Upgrade and use automation as much as possible, let them get the emails and you will start capturing your email list, grow that list, segment it and you will be able to turn them into leads and sales. Alright!

That is as easy as that, so I hope you put this to use and like I said, as you are crafting more blog post, think about, what is that offer that you want them to have? What is that irresistible offer that they are not going to say ‘No’ to? Think of that and I would test as much as possible and see what works for your audience.

As always, if you have any questions, leave it in the comment box!

Thanks for watching another edition of marketing hack of the day.