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Top Three Pay-Per-Click Campaign Mistakes

When done correctly, a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can create qualified traffic for your business. Aside from being able to control your spending, PPC campaigns allow you to target your ads to those specifically searching for your products or services within your specified geographic area. That means you receive more qualified leads, which mean higher conversion rates.

Here are the top three mistakes to avoid when launching a PPC campaign.

1) Directing Your PPC Ads to Your Website’s Home Page
While one of the reasons behind PPC is to bring more qualified traffic to your website, visitors don’t want to arrive at your website only to keep on searching for what they need. Your PPC ads should be targeted to a particular product, service or promotion you are running. This means that when someone clicks on your ad they expect to be led to more information about that specific product, service or promotion. They certainly don’t want to arrive at a welcome screen only to have to search once again.

Rather than directing traffic from your PPC ads to your website’s homepage, opt for using search engine optimized landing pages or microsites to deliver a more powerful message.

2) Writing Generic Copy for Your Ads
Writing the ad copy for your ad is one of the hardest parts of creating an intelligent PPC campaign. Using generic or general content is ineffective and does offer a compelling reason for visitors to click on your ad. Since search engines’ advertising platforms restrict the number of characters your ad may have, make sure you choose your ad copy wisely. When writing your ad copy, make sure it’s relevant and compelling.

3) Not Taking Advantage of Ad Testing Capabilities
All major search engines offer ad-testing capabilities to allow you to assess the effectiveness of your ads. Google, Yahoo! and Bing allow you to create different versions of your ad, varying from as little as one word or a phrase to a completely different ad, to find the most effective ad.

Take advantage of ad testing capabilities to increase the effectiveness of your ads and your overall click-through-rate.

Creating a successful PPC campaign is a little more complicated than at first sight. However, careful planning, research and expert guidance can make a difference. Avoid these top three PPC campaign mistakes to achieve better results.

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