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Writing Effective Calls to Action

LinkA call-to-action, or CTA, plays a vital role in Internet marketing efforts and it is used in the form of text or an image to prompt visitors and users to take immediate action. Examples of such CTAs are subscriptions to newsletters, requests for a product demo or a call to view a webinar. The CTAs main job is to direct visitors to a landing page where you are able to gather their contact information and in exchange, they will receive a marketing offer of value. You will end up with more quality leads as a result of a successful CTA.

Creating a relevant and compelling CTA is crucial and a single change to a button, for example, could greatly improve your conversion rate. It sounds simple, but the size and color of the button, as well as the text that you use on it could significantly improve your results. Follow these effective CTA strategies for greater success:

1) Present a Clear Offer

A CTA has to consist of a clear description of the offer. Make sure that your call-to-action is specific and reveal necessary details to encourage visitors and users to take immediate action.

2) CTAs Must Stand Out

A CTA should not blend in with the surrounding page colors, for example. It has to stand out so that it is highly visible. The use of contrasting colors that are strong is best and can easily increase your conversion rates. A larger button is noticed much easier too.

3) CTAs must be Action-Oriented

Start your CTA with an action-oriented verb, such as “Register”, “Download Now” or “Download – FREE.” It makes it clear what action your visitor will be confronted with on the landing page. They will know what to expect as well.

4) Convey Value with CTAs

All CTAs should confront the visitor with the question of – “What value is in it for me?” Take the three top benefits of your offer and list them in a priority list. The critical benefit should be at the top of the list and you should shorten it to a couple of words.

5) Create Urgency with CTAs

The only way to create urgency with a CTA is to ask the following question to each visitor via the CTA – “Why should I take action?” By emphasizing a special discount or seasonality, and by using words such as “Today” and “Now”, you will create urgency.

6) Make the CTA Personal

It can be tricky to personalize a CTA. It will help to know what your visitors are reading and where they are at present. An example is when you add a CTA on your “About Us” page that directs them to your “Careers Page” by using a message such as – “Like what we do? Join our team now.”

7) Ask Questions in the CTA

Asking a compelling question in a CTA, which is then followed up by a brief response is usually effective. Such questions predict what your visitors might be interested in and could increase their interest even more.

8) Be Confident with CTAs

If you are firm and bold with your offer, it will convey confidence to your visitors. Stand behind what you are saying to them and it could relieve the visitor’s acceptance risks. An example is, “This Is the Best Online College for You.”

9) Test your CTA’s

It is vital that you test your CTAs continually to determine what works best with your visitors or users. Test the use of different colors, text, messages and where on the page you place the CTA.

CTA’s are a very important marketing piece and if done effectively can increase conversion rates. Keep these tips in mind the next time you have to write CTA’s. If you take the time to write effective CTA’s you can greatly improve your overall marketing strategy.