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What you can learn from The New York Time’s paid posts

NYT sponsored posts


Paying — or getting paid — for content exposure  is nothing new to marketers of all kinds, but what happens when the biggest newspaper in the country does it? This week, The New York Times underwent a website redesign, complete with new ads in the masthead and paid posts.

First up for exposure? Dell, who reportedly paid a six-figure sum for the honor.  They had to play by The Times’ rules, though, which included:

  • Readers cannot comment on paid posts (currently).
  • Sponsored posts will be relocated around sections of the site over time.
  • Paid posts will not be posted on The Times’ social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).
  • The Times is allowed to pitch story ideas to sponsors.

This model — copy that looks like actual news content — isn’t new to companies. Sites like Buzzfeed offer a similar service, as does Huffington Post and even AP. Social media giants Facebook and Twitter offer paid promotion and targeted web traffic — slightly different from the NYT model, but not completely —  too.


Why sponsored posts are important for B2B marketers

For a news organization — typically groups of people who pride themselves in hard facts — to venture into this type of online marketing speaks volumes and should be a key to businesses to become more involved in sponsored content. The controls are in your hands with this one, too. If you’re looking to have sponsored content, you can not only build brand relationships and awareness with respectable companies, but also bring  in additional income for your business. If you’re looking to be featured as sponsored content, it’s an easy way to bring in targeted web traffic — something all businesses are constantly seeking for their website.


How you can use sponsored posts to your advantage

So your company isn’t in the news business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow the same model. As mentioned, you can go either way with this — as a sponsor or as a sponsored client. If you’re looking for an organized way to keep track of what type of sponsored content you have coming up, try a sponsors list. Want to have your own content sponsored after seeing other business’ success with the venture? It’s not taboo by any means, and it will take your online marketing to the next level, too.

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