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5 Ways To Generate Leads with Google +

Generating leads is the first stage in the sales process. It involves attracting potential customers long enough to draw them into speaking with the business about making potential purchases. Google+ is one of the more recent social media sites that can be used to drum up customer interest and solicit potential customers for businesses.

Here are five ways that Google+ can be used to solicit customer inquiries: leads


Boiled down to the basics, branding is all about attaching the brand to positive concepts. Similar to other social media sites, Google+ provides businesses an abundance of opportunities to build up their brands by interacting with their both existing and potential customers. By engaging other individuals on Google+ in conversations, addressing their concerns, and resolving questions, businesses can build up goodwill and other positive sentiments that will be carried over to their brands. Good branding helps to generate leads because potential customers are more interested in seeking out businesses that seem to care about their customer base.

Broader Reach

The Internet has long been praised as a means for even small businesses to disseminate information across vast distances. However, social media sites such as Google+ are particularly useful in this regard because interested viewers can become relays. For example, if a reader finds the business’s content interesting, that reader can choose to share the content with his or her acquaintances. As a result, businesses that market through Google+ can create self-perpetuating, virtuous cycles to their benefit.

Content Sharing

Sharing entertaining, interesting, or even intriguing content on Google+ is a means for businesses to attract the attention of potential customers and solicit leads. Providing appealing content helps to build up the brand of the business. Similarly, providing that content on a regular basis helps persuade potential customers to return time and time again. Each view is another chance for the business to persuade the visitor into following up on his or her interest.

Personalize Marketing

Although a bit time-consuming and thus unsuitable under most circumstances, Google+ can be used to research the personal preferences of other people. However, that is not the limit on how the social media site can be used to personalize marketing to potential marketing. Ever since Google+ introduced communities, businesses can use it to target groups of individuals who are predisposed to becoming interested in their products. Targeting potential customers in this manner produces much better results in terms of leads than going in blind.

Visual Content visual-content-google-+1-370x250

Google+ is also an excellent way for businesses to share pictures and videos. Using such tools can help businesses compress large amounts of information into small packages. Doing so is also helpful because both pictures and videos possess bigger impact than text-based advertising. Since these two mediums are also more interesting than their text-based counterparts to most potential customers, businesses can both appeal to more people and make their appeals better. The fact that intrigued viewers sometimes choose to share the pictures and videos with their acquaintances is icing on the proverbial cake.


In conclusion, Google+ is useful because it can spread information to large numbers of people in little time. However, businesses attempting to generate leads through Google+ are dependent on their hosted content being interesting enough to catch the interest of potential customers.